Network Bridge between a cable and a ADSL router

Currently dual running a cable router (router (A)) from a cable broadband provider and an ADSL router (router (B)) from an ADSL broadband provider. The router (A) is a Netgear WPN824v2 and router (B) is a Netgear DG834GT. Can I create a network bridge between the two routers that will increase overall coverage in the house? The router (A) is upstairs where the cable comes in, and router (B) is downstairs where the telephone socket is located. Am in the process of transferring from cable provider to ADSL provider, but signal from ADSL router is not very good, and wonder if I can improve network coverage by bridging the two routers together. You may have seen my previous post about getting a bigger antenna.....

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Tom Bradbury
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On Fri, 06 Apr 2007 10:07:40 GMT, "Tom Bradbury" wrote in :

Networking the two wireless access points (routers) together won't have any effect on radio coverage as compared to the two wireless access points on different networks. To improve radio coverage you need better antennas, more wireless access point(s), and/or different placement of your existing wireless access points. Or powerline networking, which should work nicely wherever you have a power outlet.

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John Navas

Yes, you can connect them together via their LAN ports, either directly with an Ethernet cable, or with bridges inbetween (such as a pair of HomePlug adaptors).

Do you actually *need* a wireless network, or do you simply want to link the router downstairs and the PCs upstairs (as mentioned in the previous thread you started) without installing cable? If the latter, the advice given previously stands: use reflector(s), higher gain or directional antenna(s), or use HomePlug.


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