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Can I use a WRT54GS with stock linksys firmware as AP with just connecting a network cable to one of the LAN ports and assign a static LAN IP? I don't want any routing, just to extend a cabled network a bit.

If yes, which 'Internet connection type' do I select (if it does matter at all as I don't use the WAN port).

Finally, can I run a WRT54GS with stock linksys fw also as wireless client to the above AP?

thanks for comments ;-)


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On Thu, 22 Jun 2006 13:17:19 +0200, "Geir Holmavatn" wrote in :

See How To below.

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John Navas

"Geir Holmavatn" hath wroth:

Yes. See the FAQ at: |

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Doesn't matter since you're NOT using the router section. Do not plug anything into the WAN (internet) port.

No. That will require alternative firmware. See: |

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feature list: |
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