? Possible to use wifi adapter as an AP?

Hi, im a newb when it comes to wifi, or wireless networking, so i wanted to ask for help here.

I was wondering if it was possible to use a USB wifi adapter as an access point for other devices to conenct to. The adapter i have is just a USB stick which looks like a flash drive or mp3 player.

I installed the drivers for it, and tried to setup a wireless network, but it says it cannot find any networks. So i'm assuming that i need an access point

I'm trying to use the USB wifi adapter to play online games on my Nintendo DS. I bought this one instead of the original nintendo one simply because it was cheaper. I bought it in ebay and it said it was meant for psp/ds wifi gaming. But it only came with psp instructions involving making an adhoc network.

Any ideas?

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These adapters are meant to operate as clients, but it may be possible.

I think that you need to set up internet connection sharing in Windows and then the USB's software needs to have an AP setting?

That's the typical configuration.

It's unclear what you want to do . Are you trying to use it as an AP or as a Client? The AP will be connected via ethernet to your internet feed. A client is on the other end.

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