Thanks in advance for any help. I currently use a WRT54GS as a wireless router. I have 2 PC's that are in rooms connected by wire and would like to move the WRT54GS to the other computer. I bought a BEFSR41 to use as the "primary" router connected to my cable modem. I have found instructions on converting my wireless router to act as WAP, but I'm a little confused. After converting the WRT54GS, can I move it to to second room and run the cable from the wall into the router and then another cable from the converted router to the second PC? Basically I want the 2 PC's wired to the BEFSR41, but have the WRT54GS in the room with the second PC. Thanks very much.

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Unless I'm missing something, you don't need two routers and you don't need wireless. You could return either one of them and just use the other as a router. The wire thru the wall goes straight to the pc.

Or is it that you want to connect some computers wirelessly in the second room?


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OK. Gotcha. You do want to hook up other computers wirelessly. What you are doing makes sense.


It can work in a couple of different configurations. You are on the right track. What you probably want to do is to turn off DHCP on the second router and let it act as a switch along with the AP. I forgot how the linksys setup goes, so no help on setup here...

Cheers, Steve

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