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I'm having some problems with the new network I've setup in my house. For some reason I cannot share the Internet Connection as I used to be able to. Here's a diagram of how my network is set up.

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As you can see from the Diagram above the Internet connection is coming from a USB Speedtouch 330 Modem. The connection is then shared wirelessly from the Main computer to the Netgear ME102 Access Point.

After this there is a wireless connection to the secondary computer, the Secondary computer has a Wireless USB adaptor, this works fine and the Internet Connection shared from the main computer works on the Secondary computer.

There is a third computer connected to the secondary computer which is wired using crossover cable, all I get from this is Limited or No Connectivity and the third computer will not detect an Internet Connection.

The Main & Secondary computers are in a Workgroup, the third is not, but even if it is in the Workgroup the Message still displays, also to note the Third Computer used to work by using the secondary computers Internet Connection even without being part of the Workgroup, which is what I want it to do now. The old configuaration was an additional Network card in the Secondary computer and another ME102 Access Point Connected to the secondary computer.

All computers have a Fresh Install of Windows XP Home Edition Sp2.

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