Senao AP melting inside

This can't be good at all, the funny thing is that the AP is working OK.

I discovered this while cleaning my room last weekend, when I picked up the senao, it was draining some kind of sticky oil, and looking throught the plastic cover on the front, I can see white "glue" melted all around.

Should I contact Senao before my house becames a nuclear hazard?

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D4rK_Pr1nC3 hath wroth:

Don't worry. It will fail when you need it the most.

Routers are not normally made with any liquids inside. There's some liquid electrolyte in the electrolytic capacitors, but that's brown colored. White or clear could be hot melt glue. Are you sure that something else in your apparently messy room didn't drain *INTO* the Senao AP?

Yeah. Calling support would give them a welcome change from the usual questions found in the FAQ. It's not often one gets a call about a leaky access point or nuclear meltdown.

Cell phone camera? Extracting the EXIF info.... Yep. Nokia 6131 That photo is as bad or worse than my cell phone camera. Get a real digital camera.

I guess you mean the blue glow behind the front panel. Kinda looks some of the slime left behind from various insect egg cases, but there's way too much. Just open it up and see what it is. Also check if something in your mess didn't pour *INTO* the access point.

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