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I have succesfully networked 4 computers. 3 laptops via wireless, and 1 desktop with ethernet. My problem is when i use file sharing I can access wireless to wireless but cannot access any laptop from the desktop nor the desktop from any laptop. Any tips????

Also, I would like to be able to set up the printer that is hooked up to the desktop so that all of the laptops could print from it. Any tips here.

I know how to do file sharing and all that but i am not sure if there is something else i need to do. I am using a DLink wireless router and have it plugged into a cable modem.

Thank, A

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Everything should work the same, wireless or wired. Does the desktop have the 'client for microsoft networks' and 'file and print sharing for microsoft networks' protocols installed and enabled?

Does each system have the same workgroup (not essential, but makes things easier)?

Is each system on the same subnet (e.g. 192.168.0.x)?

Are the systems using the same OS? In Windows XP, it helps if, when you are on system A, you have a user name and password on B which matches your user name and password on A.

So far as sharing a printer attached to the desktop, that should be virtually automatic (in XP) once you have established the connections. You may have to add the printer to a system instead of it automatically being available, but that should be easy.

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Jerry Park

File sharing issue I assume no firewall is blocking traffic (windows XP, Symantec or any 3rd party firewall) Assure yourself that all computers have EXACT same workgroup name. Try running the XP networking wizard from the desktop again. Check your LAN IP on the desktop. Is it in the correct range. (start/run/cmd/ type in ipconfig /all hit enter and note IP address. If it's a 169 series, do an ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew in the cmd prompt window.

If you can't access desktop (assume that's where printer is connected) you won't be able to share printer.

Printer issue. be certain that you have file and print sharing enabled on all computers. on the computer connected directly to the printer, be sure to "share" the printer. on other computers (assuming they are all the same OS), just add printer, network printer (not local) and browse to printer. Done.

Good luck

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