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I used to have my printer connected to the wifi router/4-port switch and was able to print from my laptop (with wifi) to it. Last week we switched from phone line DSL to fiber optic bundled TV/phone/DSL system, and the DSL 2WIRE modem was placed in a diffferent room. Now my printer is no longer directly on the home network. The fiber installer hooked the ethernet connection of the printer to the ethernet jack of my desktop PC. The desktop itself is now wired as wifi client to the router via a USB WIFI adapter. How can I restore the printer back as a networked printer? I don't want to use the "printer sharing" mode of the desktop, as it is usually powered off when not in use. Thanks.

PS: my printer is an HP6310 Offfice Jet.

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Such network printing is almost certainly directed to IP:port; you'll find that in your logical (client) printer config. Your printer should have an ethernet adapter, which has an IP; to get output there, such traffic must be routed there.

You'll want to check your address assignment, and see that routing can and will work. Not "plug-and-pray"- gotta dig below the surface, and understand how IP works- DHCP, switching, "same" network- IP & netmask. Your current WAP likely has bridged switch ports, which printer can be connected to, either directly or via daisy- chained switch(es), but its address may not be in the range assigned to your clients by the WAP. (Make them "same.")

Absent any details on such from you, best I can do.

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The router used to be where it was convenient to wire the Desktop and the printer to it. Now the router is somewhere far away, and neither the PC nor the printer can be conveniently wired to it.

Poor planning. Who let the installer put the router in the wrong place?

If it's a DSL router, you should be able to move it to a convenient telco jack located in the room with the PC and the printer.

Does the printer even work from the one PC, or did the tech plug the cable into a port that had the right shape, so it looked like it was connected somewhere, but doesn't actually work?

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I agree, however, I was at work when they did the install and the wife, although I left an instruction haven't got a clue what they were doing.

Nope, not the typical telco DSL (was that way) but this is the new ATT U-Verse package via their fiber optic distribution like Verizon FIOS which include digital TV.

Yep, it worked with the desktop just fine. Clarence, I know it is pugged to the ethernet port. Thats how the printer was setup initially too, and with the previous network it was plugged into the wifi router switch (an Airlink MIMO G).

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I have no doubt that the HP printer worked when plugged in to a router. I have one set up that way. But plugging that etherenet cable into the ethernet port of a PC isn't quite the same. It might not work at all, unless this were a crossover cable or auto-sensing port in the PC. I don't think the HP adapter would be auto-sensing.

If the cable were usable, showing a link, you'd still have to configure appropriate IP addresses, or maybe not, there is a DirectJet protocol that I haven't used in a long time. That just seems like more work than the AT&T guy would do. Does the printer work?

But you said the PC was now wireless. Maybe the installers are doing more work than I thought. Maybe you should call and complain about the current setup, that you don't want printer sharing from the PC, you want a networked printer like you had before.

Did the installation include the wireless adapter(s) for the PCs? Maybe it should have included one more wireless adapter for the printer.

You could install a bridge, usually a gaming adapter. Someone just suggested the Zoom adapter

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in another posting in this group. What about that Airlink that used to be your router? Does it have a "client mode"?

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Yes the PC is now wireless. It got its connectivity via a USB wifi receiver which they supplied ( I suppose instead of running an e-net cable from the router in another room, they chose the easy way out. They didn't do that for the printer since they probably weren't able to access the printer setup to enable WEP/WPA connectivity using similar setup, thus when they got tired of trying, they just plugged the printer to my PC's e-net port. I can print to it from the PC for sure, but I haven't had the time to check and see if the cable is a crossover.

see my comment above.

I navigated the airlink web page setup, but have not seen the keyword client. I can disable its DHCP server mode. Someone mentioned that Buffalo has an e-net bridge that might do the job (WLI-TX4-G54HP). .

I might try this unit if I can get one cheaply.

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