Which Protocols do I need?

I still can't get my laptop to talk to my Linksys WRT54G router! The notebook adapter monitor tells me that I'm connected to the Access Point but I'm not getting any signal between the two. I've tried pinging the router but it tells me that it's 'unreachable', so now I'm wondering if I have the necessary Protocols installed on my notebook? There are only two Protocols installed, "NetBEUI" and "TCP/IP", is there something else that I need?

I'm running out of ideas on this $%#&%? wireless network thingy, I've tried a kazillion things and nothing seems to work!! Very frustrating!

Thanks in advance!

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you really only need tcp/ip and don't need NetBEUI. then run the networking wizard again. if that fails, connect both computers to router by wire, get connected and then go wireless.

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Alan White

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