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I'm a newbie to this so please bear with me. I have a wireless router (Linksys WKPC54G) connected to my dsl modem. It's hard wired to my desktop PC. I want to use my laptop to print also what do I have to do to get this don any suggestions?

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darrin drew
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  1. No $$$ solution: Set up your desktop computer to share its printer resource. If the desktop is powered up, you will be able to print either from the desktop or from anywhere else on your network.
  2. Investment solution: Buy a print server, connect the printer to it and connect the server to your network. You will be able to print from anywhere in your network. Very convenient.

I have method #2 sharing three printers with four computers. I got frustrated with having to power up a machine just to print something.

Some routers include a printer port. Mine doesn't ... nor does yours. My next one will.

One caveat about print servers: they don't support gingerbread like on-screen reporting of ink levels.


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