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I have 3 pcs that share net access - 2 wirelessly. In order for them all to share the printer that is connected to the main pc, what other equipment do i need?

Is it just a wireless print server or do I need other bits?


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my wired desktop/server runs all the time and has an old fashion printer hooked up to its printer port - everything here is networked with file and print sharing . Wifi the laptop I just simply added a new printer to its printer folder LPT1: \\DESKSERV\HP710C and it asked for the CD. Simple enough.

of course if you dont want to leave a computer running full time you'd want a print server, either ethernet or wifi to fit

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Make sure you have the printer drivers installed on the two wireless PC's before you add the network printer (one that's connected to hardwired PC) to each of the wireless PC's.

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Bob Schmidt

Also make sure your printer supports printing via a printserver. This is NOT a given. Its likely that plain-vanilla parallel-port printers will be fine. Most all-in-one printers don't eg the Kyocera X5150 series. Some USB ones don't, especially the ones that have fancy management utilities that reside on the PC to monitor ink levels and so forth.

I warn you it will be pretty tricky to find out which ones work. F'rinstance there's no mention on the web (or wasn't when I bought it) that the above Kyocera was incompatible with printservers. Gah.

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