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I'm kinda new to this wireless stuff and I need a little bit of help setting up my wireless network for File, Internet, print, and DVD sharing on both computers. I am using a laptop and a desktop.

I want the desktop to use a USB dongle, and the laptop will use a PCMCIA card. I will not be using a router.

This will not be an ad-hoc wireless network.

I was told that I need to buy a wireless key. What is it?

It must also be encrypted.

Both PC's use Windows XP SP2.

Please help!!!


Joe Soap

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Joe Soap
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DVD R/W sharing is not supported by M$. Check with the vendor of your DVD to see if they happen to have software to support R/W sharing. M$ does support read-only sharing of CD/DVDs

If you have cable or DSL access to the 'net, buy a router instead of using ICS. Using a router will allow each PC to concurrently access the 'net, independent of the state of the other. And, a router will supply some firewall security. And a router will mean that you don't need to buy a second IPA from your ISP for simultaneous use.

You don't buy a wireless key, you make up your own. With a router, you typically enter a passphrase, and it displays the passkey you use on each PC.

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Bob Willard

What is your current setup - for current connection to the Internet ? Where is the desktop & laptop relative to each other - ie for WiFi distance

Like the other person said - get a WiFi enabled router

There is going to be 2 levels of challenge -

#1 - the Network, either wired or WiFi wonder if both computer have Ethernet jacks ? as you could experiment with the Sharing aspect by just cabling them together as a test with a small Ethernet hub (or router), or even a single Ethernet crossover cable.

#2 - Microsoft Sharing of files & devices. Even if both systems are running XP/SP2 there can be "issues" that cause problems in the Sharing. I have 2 identical laptops - and one shares nicely, the other never has been able

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