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Basic question which I don't see the answer anywhere.

When setting up a wireless router (try Netgear but didn't work- today I will buy the Linksys), in every instruction is said to leave the cable from the router to the PC connected. I have 2 PC and the cables are everywhere in the house.. will this means that only one computer will be wireless and the other one will be always with that cable from the wireless router to the PC?

I will appreciate someone answering .. thanks


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Most wireless routers also have connections for 4 wired computers. You can "mix and match" some wired, some wireless. As the previous post said, the initial set up of the router should be done by a wired computer. After the router is set up and running, the computer can be disconnected and maintain its connectivity by a wireless connection if you prefer. But if any computer is not wireless equipped, then keep the wire connected all the time.

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For the first setup of the router you will need to connect via cable to set things up. When you've got the router up and running you shouldn't need to have a cable connected, unless your router drops all your wireless clients and you have to connect again.

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