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I am in the process of setting up a small wireless network for my home. I have a computer based on the Asus P5AD2-E Premium motherboard with built-in 802.11 G wireless capabilities. I want to use a Linksys WRT54G router that I have and an HP 3310 printer with built-in wireless. I know from researching the Linksys product and the HP printer that they have the same Secure Easy setup options. Where I am not sure of is the following:

1) Will the Linksys router find and/or recognize my Asus mb with built-in 802.11 G?.

2) Asus uses their own configuration wizard for wireless setup - is it compatible with Secure Easy setup?.

3) Does the built-in mb wifi support WPA or WPA2 security?.

4) How do you setup the Linksys router for wireless usage without setting it up for broadband usage?. ( DSL/Cable unavailable in my area. Use 56K dialup for internet access)

5) Does the Linksys router have a power saving mode?. It and the HP printer will be on an UPS for protection.

I appreciate any and all assistance provided in resolving these questions.

Thank You,

Terry D.

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"TERRY DONSHICK" hath wroth:

No. The printer will find the WRT54G and connect to it. As an alternative, you can setup both the computah and the HP printer as a peer to peer network, but then you can't use either to connect to the WRT54G.

I don't know, or particularly care. I suggest you NOT use SES as the entire setup can be easily done manually. All SES does is setup the SSID and WPA key on the router and the client radio. You can do that manually in a few seconds.

If all else fails, you could read the ASUS motherboard manual or data sheet. |

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swell, it doesn't say. I couldn't find anything in the reviews. My guess(tm) is that WPA is supported if you're running Windoze XP because the WPA and WPA2 supplicant is really in the operating system, not the wireless client device. I can't imagine any 802.11g device these days not support WPA. However, it's worth verifying if possible.

Assuming you do NOT want to share the dialup connection, you just ignore anything that has to do with the WAN (internet) in the WRT54G setup. Also, don't plug anything into the WAN port.

If you do want to share a modem dialup connection, you would need a LAN modem modem or LAN modem router such as a 3Com 3C886 or 3C888 instead of the WRT54G. For wireless, you would add either an access point, or setup a wireless router as an access point. (Have I lost you yet?)

No. It only draws about 4-5 watts of power.

For protection against what? Are you really going to be printing in the dark? I like to run my WRT54G router on a 6V or 12V gel cell battery. The WRT54G will run on anything from about 3.7VDC to 18VDC. Details on request.

Sure, but you forgot the basics.

  1. What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. What do you currently have to work with? I can sorta deduce what you're doing, but it would be easier if you didn't leave out the intentions and the hardware/software.
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