two seperated networks one access point possible?

I have five computers. I would like to have two of them using the internet and the other three networked seperately with out access to the internet or the internet enabled computers. The three isolated computers are business computers and we don't want them accesible to the internet at all. I'm a little worried that even if I don't set up the three computers for the internet they may find a way onto the broadband connection or rather something will find a way in.

Now is there some simple way to do this through one access point. Or the alternative is to get two and use each one for a different network but it would be cheaper and more elegant to use one.

I thought about different subnets or something but presumably they all have to be on the same one as the access point.

Anway if there is a simple way to do it please let me know otherwise I'll just try having two networks on different chanels or something.

Thanks a bunch

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I assume you connect to the internet through a router. Usually you can set access to the internet for specific computers. What you should do then is to assign the 3 non internet computers a fixed IP address and program those addresses in your router and simply deny them access to the internet at all times. I guess this should do the trick. At least it works for me.

I've got 1 fileserver here on the internal network which is visible for all the other pc's here on the net. But to the outside world it's invisible and unreachable. It also can't connect to the internet only to the internal pc's.

Hope this helps.

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If you have 2 computers connected to the Internet, a router makes a cheap and elegant improvement. I assume you are using ICS and a cross over cable. The router provides a good hardware firewall and allows each of the computers to access the Internet even if the other is turned off. Some routers allow you to deny Internet access to specified network computers. If they are denied at the router level, nothing can get in or out to those computers.

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Alan White

Thanks for the thought but no I'm not using a router. One of the pc's has a usb frog modem. To be honest there is no good reason for the two networks to be together I just thought it would save on equipment if there was an easy way to do it.


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I gather that this is not a user ( kids ) problem, you are more worried about the business computers having access to the Internet. As long as your users know what they are doing and don't surf rogue sites or automatically open eMail attachments, being behind a firewall is the number 1 best offense you can do. Internet connectivity makes things so much easier when trying to get stuff done.

If you still wish to not allow access, read on.

You need to be careful here. Setting up a router to deny certain boxes on the local network can be done, but it can come with glitches. Don't assume that your users no nothing. MAC based is best, and don't deny the other boxes, deny all boxes, then only ALLOW the boxes that you want to have access. You can also put up a smoke screen by DHCP'n incorrect DNS, and gateways to the Internet for those specific machines.

If you wish eMail on your internal boxes, you can then ALLOW any port

25/110. Note that the gateway ruse above will not work. You will have to DHCP out proper gateways and DNS servers for the eMail to flow correctly.

This will all depend > If you have 2 computers connected to the Internet, a router makes a cheap

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