connect a wireless router to a wireless router wirelessly

I have 2 wireless routers (one is the netgear pre-N, the other a linksys (smaller version but not the travel router)) I have one in the basement (netgear Pre-N) along with the cable modem. I want to have a wired connection on the 2nd floor but I don't want to run cables if I don't have too. Is there a way to setup the linksys to feed off the wireless signal of the netgear and allow it to use the 4 port wired switch as a wired switch? (esentially creating a wireless bridge without buying a wireless bridge.)

thanks TL

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On 3 Apr 2007 12:46:32 -0700, "tlampen" wrote in :

Two wireless access points/routers cannot talk to each other. To do that you need a wireless Ethernet (client) bridge. Some wireless access points/routers can be put into that mode, but many cannot. Check the manual.

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