How to handle "Media Disconnected"?

Greetings everyone,

My landlord provides me wireless internet connection through his router. I was able to access the internet via it. But a couple of days ago, I lost the internet access.

I used ipconfig to check the configuration. It displays like this, Media State: Media disconnected DNS Suffix: IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway:

It seems my laptop can connect to the router, because it can get IP address and widnow shows wireless network connected. Additionally, my landlord can access internet using an ethernet cable wired to the router. Therefore I guess something should be wrong with the router.

Has anyone experienced this problem? How should I make the wireless network work again?

Thanks a lot!

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default gateway should be look this (depends on router's config)... try type this at iexplorer (depends on router's config)... if it redirect you to the router's configuration page, thats mean you're connected.. or maybe you're already connected but router's config doesnt allows you to access internet thru their router.. try talk to him :)

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