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I have a Internet connect, connect to a Belkin wireless router and a friend 2 doors from me would like to connect to it. Would the Belkin F5D7132 ( Wireless G Universal Range Extender/Access Point) be able to connect the LAN port to another router to give 3 other computer Internet access?

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rushhh hath wroth:

No. Digging through the manual at:

there is no evidence that the F4D7132 can be used as a "wireless client bridge" which will be required to do this.

In the repeater mode, all it can do it extend the range of an existing connection. In order to get two wireless routers to talk to each other, they would both need to support WDS (wireless distribution system). Since you didn't bother supplying model numbers, I can't determine if yours will work. I've had problems with wireless range extenders (repeaters) and WDS, so I suspect this may also be problematic.

See list of wireless ethernet client bridges at:

which should work WITHOUT the extender.

Incidentally, distances are measured in feet and meters, not in "doors". How far is a "door"?

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