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I have a WIRED router connected to my laptop via ethernet. My laptop DEll Inspiron 1501 has a wireless card built in or wifi built in. I want to know if i can use my laptop as a access point to connect my ipod touch and psp to the internet and how may i be acle to do so. please leave any suggestions. thanks!

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On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:27:10 -0500, raff17 wrote in :

Probably not under Windows, since most Windows drivers don't have that functionality. You'll need an inexpensive wireless access point on your wired network, which generally makes more sense in any event.

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John Navas

You have a wired internet connection coming in to your laptop, and a WiFi built in that's not being used? That connection could be shared to the WiFi of an ipod-touch.

Some of this is old, but it will get you started: Wireless Home Network Connection Without a Router

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