Using Linksys WRT45G as repeater to DI-624S?

I have a D-link DI-624S router for my internet connection. I have Linksys WRT45G. I was wondering if it is possible to set the Linksys up as a repeater with the D-Link as my main Access point? If so, can someone talk me through step by step how to do this. (Novice at these things) I will share whatever settings I need to.

Thanks, Laura

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Short answer- No.

And, general wisdom is; repeaters suck so you don't want to do it either. I tried repeating and gave up. It sucked.

Long answer;

IF you have one of the WRT54Gs versions that works (only the older or the 54GL versions work) then you can install different firmware, like DD-WRT on your linksys. IF you have the right version. This is not hard, but not totally easy. You have to study it a bit. Google DD- WRT if you want to find out.

Repeating means your system is probably not going to work all the time if you want good security. Or it's not going to be secure, which is important.

Alternative solution is Powerline Networking using your house wiring to get the signal further. Cost about $100 for a pair that plug into the wall, one connected to your router and one wherever you want. This is very easy to setup


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Once you have a powerline network in your house, you can plug in your computer to the second one or cable it to your spare Linksys where you need more wireless and it will work great.


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