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Hey folks,

My question pertains to Airodump. When starting Airodump it asks me if I have either "HermesI/Realtek" or "Aironet/Atheros" interface type. Are there only two and whats the difference? Airodump works fine for me I was just curious.


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Different hardware chipsets I think. Probably different capabilities.

Mark McIntyre

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Mark McIntyre

Hermes is the chipset used in the Orinoco Classic cards. Realtek is the name of a manufacturer in Taiwan that makes wireless chips. Aironet is the name of the company that Cisco purchased that eventually became the 340 and 350 series client adapters. Atheros is a manufacturer of chips.

No. I vaguely recall posting a list of chipset manufacturers a while back.... digging.... Googling... foundit. I made a few corrections below:

ADMTek Agere (Lucent) Airgo Aironet Atheros Atmel Broadcom InProComm Intel (Centrino) Intersil/Frisbee IPW (Intel) Javelin Marvel NWN (3com) Orinoco Philips (Centrino) Prism (Harris/Intersil/etc) Ralink Realtek Symbol Texas Instruments Zydas

Some drivel:

- Intel 2100 series Centrino uses wireless chips from Philips.

- IPW is Intel ProSet Wireless starting with 2200.

- Orinocco is actually a mess of manufacturers (in order) from: Wavelan, Orinoco, Lucent, Agere, Avaya, and Proxim which use Prism chipsets from Harris, Intersil, Conexant, Frisbee, and Javelin.

- Symbol uses various chip foundries.

- NWN is "No Wires Needed" in Netherlands. I think (not sure) they're now part of Alvarion/Breezecom.

- Aironet is owned by Cisco.

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