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Hello everyone.

I've just discovered this group and thought it might be a good place to ask a basic question that a newb like me needs to ask. I've tried searching for a thread with a similar complaint and can't really find one, so I'll ask away anyway.

My problem is that I'm a total clueless newbie when it comes to wireless networks, and my question is how can I increase the range of my connection?

My particular situation is that I have two desktop PC's wired together through a 4 port wireless router (A Billion 7300G if it makes any difference and using the built in wired ethernet sockets on each PC), and an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop that connects to the network using the wireless function of the router. Everything works fine, I have no connection or security issues and the performance is great, but the laptop will only see the wireless connection within a couple of feet of the router.

I don't want to be able to have the laptop connect within a few miles, but basically would like to at least be able to use the laptop in another room. Hell, even on a desk on the other side of *this* room would be good for now :)

I bought the laptop new just before Christmas, and the documentation that comes with the thing is next to useless (although the machine itself is very good). As I have no idea about wireless equipment (this is my first venture into such territory), I don't know if I need any additional equipment for the laptop or router (or both) in order to improve the situation.

I've had a bit of a search for helpful articles, but as yet haven't found anything that helps me as I seem to be in that gray area between the "take it out of the box and plug it in" type of basic guide and the more technical "advanced theory of 2.4Ghz operation" type.

If anyone could shed some not too technical light, or point me in a direction where I could get some I'd be eternally grateful.



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On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 12:25:04 +1100, "Noddy" wrote in :

Check out the wikis in my sig block below, which have the answers to many of the more frequent questions.

Better antenna (or reflector) is usually the best bet.

Most likely problem is wireless interference. See wikis below.

Walls can be a big problem, depending on what's in them.


Try the laptop is a public Wi-Fi hotspot to see how well it works there. Try a different channel (1, 6, 11) on your wireless router.

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John Navas

Will do.

Thanks very much for the links, they're greatly appreciated.



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