wireless "b" print server on G network

Not that I disagree with your response, but mebbe in the future when replying to such, you could think about snipping the filth for the rest of us that didn't get it the first time, especially if you are going to x-post it?

To answer your question. Almost, if not all, G devices will also communicate at/with B devices, so you should be able to add a B print server to your G network without much trouble.


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Ryan Case
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Linksys, return it. Its the cheapest brand but always gives problems. My wireless company does not even support it as Linksys is incompatible with all other wireless modems.

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Uthibitisho Anawawezesha

Most if not all 802.11g devices are backwards compatible with 802.11b. You will need to check the settings in your router. It may be set to use both 802.11b and 802.11g or it may be set to only use 802.11g. You should be able to set it to use both.

The real problem with older devices on your network is security. Probably, the WPS11 only supports WEP encryption -- which is not worth much. Which means you will have to downgrade your security to the poor level afforded by the WPS11.

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Jerry Park

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Boleslaw Pogrorski

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Bryan Aisbitt

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Malcolm Malone-Bowden

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Wei Can Suen

Uthibitisho Anawawezesha wrote:

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Derek Broughton

It'll work on a G network - but it'll drag the rest of your network down to B speeds.

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Derek Broughton

Hi there, I just recieved a Linksys Wireless Parralel Printer Server - WPS11. On the box it says wireless B, but the salesman said it'll work on my wireless G home network. Is this true or shall I place it on ebay and buy the wireless G version? Cheers


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Julian Love

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Rhodocyclus Sublaeve Acuta

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Rajjani al-Hasanah

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Julian Love

There is only one parallel print server that supports WPA security,


formatting link
" There is a Motorola model that claims to support WPA, but it actually doesn't support it, it's Motorola WPS870G.

With the D-Link print server, you'll have to have your whole network set to WEP.

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