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I want to install one of those Wireless G USB print servers that I see on sale -- Linksys, Belkin, and Netgear all make them. From what I read on the box, there's some setup software, then, you slap this thing on the side of your printer, deploy the antenna, and connect the server to the printer's USB port. Then, you connect to the print server through your wireless G adapter in your laptop and print away.

This is my setup:

-- Motorola Surfboard modem with wireless built in (antenna sticking out of the top).

-- Surfboard modem is connected to my desktop PC with an Ehternet cable.

-- Desktop PC is connected to the printer with a parallel cable.

-- Printer has both parallel and USB ports.

-- I have a laptop with built-in wireless adapter that connects to the Motorola Surfboard.

However, I can't print from the laptop -- which is what I'd like to do.

So -- here are my questions:

  1. If I install a wireless USB print server, will the printer print from both its parallel port and its USB port?
  2. If my laptop is connected to the Motorola modem's wireless, can it also connect to the print server at the same time -- or -- will I need to disconnect from the wireless modem, connect to the print server, print, disconnect, reconnect, etc., etc., etc.?

Thanks for the assistance.

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Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names
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"However, I can't print from the laptop"

If you can't figure out how to do "file and print sharing" which is simple networking, how do you expect to figure out how to operate a wireless print server.

Seriously, why spend money when you already have everything you need. Do a google search for file and print sharing.

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curly Bill

If you don't know that file and print sharing feature opens up security holes and can provide an easy way for your computer to be infected with a virus, and, that file and print sharing is the most common route through which hackers enter computers and networks, then, how could I expect you to provide a useful answer.

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Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names

"However, I can't print from the laptop"

Since your original post was misleading, how can you possibly hold me responsible for not answering your question?

I suggest you start a new thread and accurately state the facts and your intentions.

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curly Bill

If only....

Sorta. A few caveats:

1) check your printer actually has been tested with a wireless printserver. Not all printers work with them. If its a GDI printer, forget it. If its a MFD, forget it. Check with the manufacturer if unsure. Prepare to be disappointed. 2) Not all printservers have decent security. Make sure you have at least WPA on the printserver. Otherwise your concern about filesharing below is a mere peccadillo compared to the wide-open wireless hole you just created.... 3) even then it may not work. Life's like that, some printers just don't like printservers.

Unlikely unless it will already do that.

Read some networking primers about wireless before embarking on this adventure, but the short answer is yes.

Daft comment, I agree.

This is equally daft however. Sharing is NOT a security hole unless you don't secure it properly. Any decent firewall (even the builtin XP one) will prevent sharing being exposed to the internet while still allowing it on your local LAN, and if you have a router, you have even more lines of defence - unless you turned off the router's firewall or deliberately opened the filesharing ports.

Euh, no. Social engineering and spam is the most common way in.

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