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I have 2 wireless routers, one is a d-link di514 and the other is a belkin. I want to set up the d-link to be my main router, and have the belkin be an access point in another room. Can I do this without physically connecting the 2 routers via cat5? I put both routers on the same SSID and channel, and disabled DHCP on the belkin. But I can't seem to get the belkin to talk to the dlink without a cable.

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No, you cannot do it. You need to connect the two routers with a Cat 5 cable LAN port to LAN port and enable the DHCP server on the non-gateway router making it a wire/wireless switch AP.

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Duane Arnold wrote in news:uGNsd.207911$R05.95148@attbi_s53:

You can also see if the firmware supports a "Wireless Repeater" or "Signal Repeater" mode. While this cuts throughput to 50% or less (see post "Hawking antenna and Linksys WRE54G Expander" below), it is often a perfectly acceptible solution for normal internet traffic on a home wireless network. Linksys WAP54G supports this mode, and I imagine that quite a few other routers/ap's support it nowadays.

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I think you mean *disable*. Otherwise, he'll have two DHCP servers on the same subnet.

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