WEP problems with WMP11/BEFW11S4


I'm having problems enabling WEP on my wireless internet connection.

I have a cable modem connected to a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router. I have a Linksys WMP11 network adapter (PCI) in my desktop PC. I'm running Windows 2000 (sp3) on a 2.2GHz desktop PC.

Basically, everything works okay if I don't have WEP enabled on the router. I've altered the SSID and can connect by modifying the Wireless adapter settings in the standard W2K 'Network and Dial-Up connections' window (the SSID setting, specifically). The problem comes when I enable WEP on the router. All of a sudden I can't see the wireless network. I sort of expected this, but the problem is I'm not prompted for a passphrase or key, I just can't see or connect to anything. The W2K network settings are unchanged from those before WEP is enabled.

I've got Broadcast SSID switched on on the router. The adapter utility (WLAN Monitor ver 2.0) doesn't recognise ANY wireless networks (when WEP is on or off) so I'm unsure how I'm supposed to connect (it claims that the WMP11 card is inactive, even when WEP is off and everything is working). There are no WEP settings on the W2K Wireless adapter configuration screen (as found from 'Network and Dial-Up connections') but I've tried to configure the adapter through the WMP11 utility, but it tells me that the adapter configuration failed. If I reset the Router back to factory settings (and leave WEP turned off) everything works again.

A friend has done this on XP and he was just asked to enter a WEP key when he next tried to connect to the internet after enabling WEP. What am I missing? Is the WMP11 utility behaving itself? Or is something else the cause?

Thanks for any assistance anybody can offer.


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A common problem. There are two different incompatible methods of converting from an ASCII WEP key to a Hex WEP key. Use a Hex key and you won't have the problem. Detailed explanation if you wannit (later).

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Jeff Liebermann

You know that WEP can be cracked in 10 minutes yes?

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David Taylor

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