Netgear Router works with DLink Access Point

I have a Netgear WGR614 v2 wireless cable / dsl router and I wanted to get some sort of repeater or extender. My cable connection is at one side of my house, and my wife's office is at the other side, and her wireless connection worked for a while but recently she started to get a lot of "network disconnected" errors. (A new school started up next door and I suspect it is adding its own new batch of interference).

Netgear used to make a wall-plugged extender (WGXB102) but that item has apparently been discontinued. I purchased their WG302 Access Point but that DID NOT WORK for me. It claims to have a "bridging and repeater" mode, but it also expects to be directly connected to a computer via an Ethernet cable, and I wanted something I could plug in at the middle of my house and not be attached to any computer or cable. I never did get the repeater mode to work correctly anyway.

I then purchased a LinkSys Wireless-G Range Expander (WRE54G) but that could not connect to my Netgear router, with or without encryption, and I eventually talked to some tech-support girl in India who told me that the LinkSys expander only worked with LinkSys equipment - so much for wireless "standards".

I then purchased a DLink AirPlusXtremeG Wireless Access Point (DWL-2100) because it advertised on the box that it had 5 "modes", one of which was "Repeater". I configured the DLink via my computer, then re-plugged it into the center of my house, and voila - it worked the first time out! All I needed for the DLink configuration was the MAC address of my NetGear router, which I got from its status page. Also, the DLink had the most precise and easy-to follow instructions of the 3 access devices that I mentioned here. More kudos to DLink.

Hopefully this message will save someone the hours of work it took me to figure this all out, not to mention the trips to CompUSA - thank God for their 14-day return policy!

Steve Guidos

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Steve Guidos
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Thanks for posting this - sounds like you're describing my situation/problems pretty well. Will try out the DLink; hopefully it'll do the trick for me too.

Steve Guidos wrote:


repeater mode


precise and

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I recommend that you purchase a router similar to the DWL-2100AP from

D-Link. You can use your Netgear WGR614 wireless router as the remote

wireless host and set the D-Link to be your Client AP. Your range will

be expanded and both APs will communicate with each other. Take care

and have a Merry Christmas.

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doug Jamal

I just bought a WGXB102. It works great and you can buy it from many retailers through a pricegrabber search.

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