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Big step: going wireless! Anyone help please?

Our set up: =93Talk-talk=94 broadband from phone line via modem to wireless capable DeskTop running =93XP=94, connected to HP1220C printer (non Post Script), and Canon scanner. Three family wireless capable Laptops running =93XP=94 and the orrible =93Vista=94. Would like to connect modem, printer, scanner, external hard drive and possibly DeskTop, by cable to router, and have access to them from Laptops.

Have seen =93ASUS WL-600g=94 router which combines a printer server, but it seems that HP 1220C is not included in compatible printers list, nor does it seem possible to run a scanner from it. Is this the case please? Is there an alternative router that would?

At the moment, the power for all items is through a =93One Click=94 switched adaptor so that when the DeskTop is turned off, the power to all items (excluding the Laptops of course) is turned off. Would it be possible to arrange for this to happen when the router was turned off, or would one have to re-setup the network whenever the router was turned back on?


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Personally I'd recommend getting separate non-wireless router, wireless AP and printserver. At most I'd merge the AP and router. I know it will cost more but when (not if) something dies, you won't completely lose the internet for days waiting for a new router, or have to replace the hub of your entire system and re-enter all the firewall, security and other settings.

Forget about scanning or faxing via the network unless your budget is LARGE. Almost no consumer combi printer/scanner/fax type devices will work with a printserver. You would need to buy top-end kit designed to be networked.

Also forget to any printer that relies on special management software to control it. If your printer doesn't say that it works with print servers, it probably won't. I got my Epson R220 to work but only by disabling all the special "monitoring" features (ink levels, paper levels, head cleaning etc). My kyocera simply never worked. Kyo seem to install hidden junk on your PC which won't talk over ethernet.

Why would you want to? The point about a router and printserver setup is that its always-on. Otherwise every time you want to use hte laptops, you will have to go upstairs, power stuff on, then go back /downstairs/ to use your laptop. If you have to go through that rigmarole you might as well not bother with wireless....

I would imagine it'd work just the same. Plug the routers wall-wart into the management socket on your one-click thingy.

Seems pointless tho. The power consumption of a router + printserver + printer is less than the power consumption of a porch security light (I've measured it, I have all my stuff on a power meter). Heck, I have a server + wireless router + Wii + 19" CRT telly pulling less than 60w with the Wii and TV on standby.

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Mark McIntyre

you may want to consider a plan B that can do what you want and more (and probably be way cheaper).... I got an older puter at goodwill for $50 (with wireless) and made it an always on node on my wifi, hung printers, usb drives etc off it (and all can use that, 1 TB usb drives were on sale over xmas for $129, now I have a poor mans 4TB NAS

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Peter Pan


Thanks for your advice Mark and Peter. I'll go away and rethink.

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