2701HG-B Modem/Router--Are these always flaky?

I loved my 2-Wire 2701 HG modem-router combination for six months, but now it's become really flaky. Sometimes it loses the DSL connection to AT&T, and sometimes it loses the wireless connection. It's all intermittent. AT&T was almost too eager to send out a replacement. Is there a history of problems with this modem/router?

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Maybe they were eager because they figure hiring knowledgeable people and then paying them to talk to you long enough to learn whether there is really a problem with the 2-Wire will cost more than just sending a replacement.

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Philip Nelson

Sorta. I've identified about 4 different mutations of the 2700HG and

2701HG router over the last few years. However, the symptom is not what you describe. Instead, it's total failure. Dead and always replaced under warranty. I haven't seen any that acted erratic (that was due to the modem).

From your description, I can't tell what you're doing, what has change, and what is happening. However, that doesn't stop me from guessing. If the wireless and DSL are both erratic, it could mean that only the DSL is having problems, and that the wireless is simply reflecting the symptoms of the DSL. Do you have the same problems with a wired connection?

The 2701HG has some well hidden and nifty diagnostics. Try:

The "broadband -> statistics" page should show any marginal DSL issues. These pages:

should explain what you're looking getting.

Also try various online speed tests that have diagnostics, which might show something:

I bought an Acterna/JDSU HST-3000b tester for checking DSL connections. It has uncovered a variety of install problems, all of which were between the MPOE (minimum point of entry) and the router. The problems usually revolve around the inside wiring and microfilter installation (often backwards). Some results at:

The three sections labeled JV1, JV2, and JV3 are the before, after tweaking, and finally after rewiring. The original symptoms were much like yours with some added oddities. Before I got the tester, I would disconnect the house wiring at the MPOE and run a direct line from the DSL modem to the incoming phone line. If the modem line "statistics" magically improves, you have a wiring problem.

Also, it's often best to troubleshoot by substitution. Get a different DSL modem (I don't like combination modem/router/wireless boxes). If it magically works with the replacement DSL modem, then it's possible that the 2701HG is sick.

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Jeff Liebermann

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