What is a "kismet drone" and why can't Kismet work on Windows with my wireless card?

What is a Kismet drone?

I'm trying to get Kismet for Windows to work with my wireless card and I read that a "kismet drone" is needed.

Any idea what that is?

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George D.
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"George D." skrev i melding news:Ar1mi.10137$ snipped-for-privacy@newssvr19.news.prodigy.net...

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Hi Chesslib, With all due respect, you do realize how idiotic your response is, don't you?

Did you actually run the search suggested? I did before I asked the question.

Absolutely none of the google-resulting responses actually state what a Kismet drone is. Check it out. I'm right. I know, because I already looked prior to posting the question.

If anyone actually understood what a Kismet Drone is (and I don't), then they'd be able to explain it in a single sentence.

The fact you can't, means you really shouldn't have responded since you didn't know the answer nor did you know where to find the answer.


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George D.

"Resultater 1 - 10 av ca. 30 200 for Kismet drone. (0,04 sekunder)"

Did you read all 30 200 articles?

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Axel Hammerschmidt

Den Sat, 14 Jul 2007 17:17:38 +0000. skrev George D.:

With all due respect, you do realize how idiotic your original question is, don't you ?

Since the answer to your question is in the kismet documentation, over on

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You did read the documentation, before trying to use kismet, right ??

Hint: Section 11, win32 section answers your original question in full.


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Found out in Google and 3 clicks , maybe you didn't click on the actual articles ?

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"George D." hath wroth:

Actually, I think it's a good question because the various web sites only explain how to install Kismet Drone, with nothing on how it works or what it does. Sorry but I don't think I can explain anything in one sentence mostly because I hate one line quips, retorts, mini-rants, comma splices, etc.

Kismet Drone runs the Kismet wireless sniffer program on a wireless router with OpenWRT Linux. Kismet is a passive wireless sniffer, that will detect access points, peer-to-peer networks, and client bridges. It's normally run on a Linux laptop, PDA, or from a LiveCD. What Kismet Drone does is run it on a Linux based router using the minimal memory available.

How you use it is another problem. I have it installed on two wireless bridges that are prone to interference problems. If I want to "see" what's going on in the area, I telnet or SSH to the bridges, fire up Kismet, and see if anything new has appeared in the area[1]. Basically, I'm using it for remote sniffing, which I guess is the main application. Why travel onsite to check out interference when you can sniff it remotely?

I do have one suggestion.... before you attack Kismet Drone, get familiar with the "wl" command and how it works. Most such monitoring is based on this command, and you can do quite a bit from the command line, without using Kismet.

[1] Actually, I can only sniff from one of the bridges. My access to the 2nd bridge is through the wireless link. When I fire up monitoring through at the remote end of the wireless bridge, the bridges drop the connection and I lose control. For recovery, I have an electronic timer that cycles the power to the bridge every 12 hours.
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Jeff Liebermann

Just as idiotic as yours. Don't smart-mouth when you're too dumb to look up the answers yourself. If you don't grasp what kismet requires then perhaps you shouldn't be mucking about with it, hmmm??

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Bill Kearney

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