Windows Domain login via wireless + PEAP

I am trying to do the following

Log into a windows domain via the wireless network. Using PEAP/AES.

I have the following

Windows Laptop with a Cisco ABG PC card wireless card. I am using all the latest driver for the card/firmware/ADU. I can not get the laptop to log into the wireless network before logging into the workstation. I can log into the workstation and then successfully pass my windows credentials to single sign on to the laptop/network, but I need the wireless auth to take place before the windows auth.

I can get the above described senario to work using LEAP and all documentation I have found leads to LEAP implementations of this, but to this point I have not been able to find any documentation that this can be done with PEAP on a cisco client card.

I also have the above senario working on a client that is using an Intel wireless card.

Just wondering if anyone else had the following issue or a working model

Regards, Barry

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Have you enabled machine-authentication on both the client side and on the authenticator side? You need to allow the computer-account to authenticate succesfully as well as the user-account. What authenticator are you using? Cisco ACS, Windows IAS, ...


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Erik Tamminga

I didn't, but I do now with the same results. From what I read with a LEAP settup the Cisco login box should pop up before I log into the workstation. That isn't happening. Maybe it will work without the Novell client?

Couple things I left out

Cisco ACS using MSCHAPv2 Novell Client installed

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