New FIOS.... poor speeds.....

so...... we have 4 computers in my apartment, and my moms computer is the main one, that being that she is hard wired to the router/etc and the rest of us feed off of her...... lol.........

so we got verizon fiber optics put in. and so my mom tested her download/upload speeds..... and she is getting the full 14mbps download and like 2 or 3 mbps upload.

i have a wireless card in my pc, and i tested my download/upload on the same site as she did, and it says im getting about 3mbps download and about 1.5mbps upload speed.

my question is why am i getting such poor download/upload speeds here? i have a solid connection with something like 97% signal connection. it should be considerably more than 3mbps! so how do i fix this and maximize my download speed to something oh.... say...... at least NEAR hers?!

she said that the verizon tech guy that set hers up mentioned something about some setting on my wireless card that would allow me to maximize it, but alas, my mother is not tech smart, and she thinks he said something about a face card, or space card or something....... though i think she grossly misheard him.....

help me out guys!

oh, and it IS with a WEP key or whatever, but im not sure exactly what that means....

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krypos hath wroth:

Ok, that's normal.

That's not. However, there's no way to tell from here because you didn't describe what equipment you're using, how you have it setup, and what you're using for testing.

First, have you tried it with a directly connected ethernet connection like y're mom's machine? Take the wireless out of the picture for a moment and test it with a direct connection. If that works, then the problem is obviously in the wireless somewhere. If it's just a slow, get the worm, viruses, and spyware out of your computer.

2nd, if your unspecified wireless client has a status display, it should show at what speed you're connecting. Check the speed while you're moving data, not at idle. My guess(tm) is that it will show something low, like 11Mbits/sec. 3rd, whenever someone says "I'm getting 3 Mbits/sec" the first thing I ask is why are you using only 802.11b instead of 802.11g? You're NOT going to get much over 4Mbit/sec out of an 802.11b system. So, what hardware are you using and how much of it is 802.11b only?

Sigh. Google for WEP key. Amazing what you find.

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