what chipse does WG511T use?

what chipse does WG511T use? i have no idea and will that work with airodump if i have vista?

please help!

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junw92 hath wroth:

Which hardware version? v1, v2 or v3? It's Athros based: AR5001 chipset. v1 and v2 use AR5212. v3 uses AR5213A.

Make sure you don't get it mixed up with the older WG511 which uses a Prism chipset.

Airodump does NOT talk to the wireless card, so your question is rather nonsensical. Try reading the Aircrack-NG pages again, especially the driver compatibility page at:

As for Vista:

Microsoft Vista is NOT officially supported at this point in time. See this troubleshooting tip for a possible workaround.


How to get airodump-ng to work under Microsoft Vista? The following fix has reportedly worked for some people: What you have to do is right click on airodump-ng.exe, select properties, compatibility, and check run in compatibility mode for Windows XP. Also, check the box at the bottom that says to run as administrator.

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