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I have a Netgear router doing a great job of allowing the internet to be shared through the house but I want to go the next step and set up a wireless network.

The question is, do I need to put a wireless network card in my main pc to setup the network? The guy at the store said all I need is the router but I'm not so sure.

Currently a cable goes from the cable modem to the router and another from the router to the PC's "normal" network card.

Any comments or articles appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You currently have a wired-only router
  2. It shares the connection from the modem to a number of computers
  3. You want to connect one or more computers to the network wirelessly

I see two options

  1. Upgrade to a new router that has both wired and wireless capabilities -you need a new router -your main computer does not need a wireless card -your main computer does not need to be turned on all the time

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Just to clarify - most (all?) wireless routers typically have 4 or more "ports" on them where you can also plug in PCs by using a normal RJ45 network cable (the normal wired connection). So PCs without a wireless adapter can continue to cable in to the router; laptops or other PCs that

*have* a wireless adapter can talk to the router wirelessly. As long as the router is powered on and connected properly to you cable or DSL modem, all or none or some of the PCs will work regardless of which others are on/off/connected


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Kerry Liles

Hi lee

Just to confirm - it looks like its option 1. The current router is wireless and only the main computer is connected to it by the wire. When the main computer is turned off everyone can still access the internet.

So its a matter of running the wireless network wizard again and making all the settings correct. This is why I asked the question - bc I thought the reason things weren't working as expected was bc the main pc didin't have a wireless card as well. I will now perserver to make it all connect as a network.

kind regards, vonda

ps - thanks heaps for the answer!!

lee wrote:

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Hi, Too lazy to read the manual?

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Tony Hwang

Wouldn't be asking if the manual had the answer.

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vonda hath wroth:

What model Netgear router?


You have three choices.

Number one is to add an "access point". Plug it into one of the LAN ports on your Netgear something router, configure the wireless for security, and you're done. You can use any of the connected PC's to configure the access point.

Number two is to use a wireless router to *REPLACE* your Netgear router. A wireless router is a wireless access point with an ethernet router in the same box.

Number three is to leave the Netgear in place and configure the wireless router as an access point (by ignoring the router section). The only trick is that you must disable the DHCP server in the wireless router.

I recommend number three.

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