Cable Broadband Gear?

Hi all, Am almost a complete newbie to wireless networking -- with just one failure under my belt so far :-) Would someone please be so good as to advise me what to buy to set up a wireless network with 2 new PC's running Win XP -- we are on cable broadband [ntl] and want to share this plus LAN for files.

Have looked at the Netgear W.A.P. WG 603 and Netgear and various network cards -- its rather confusing and am unsure what's suitable for cable broadband ? What is the difference between what's needed for cable and ADSL lines ? Is a wireless router the same as a wireless access point or something different?

Any answers would be appreciated TIA

-- Kath

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You'll want a wire/wireless Access Point NAT router to start with and use it for the gateway device for the LAN (ICS) between machines wired and wireless and is the gateway to the Internet for all machines. They are made for cable, adsl, and dial-up connections.

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There is also other home networking topics at the top of the link. Also keep in mind about *wireless home security*. There are plenty of links out on Google or
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showing the how to.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

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In the UK, ADSL almost always requires a router with built-in ADSL modem, but that is NOT what you want.

NTLworld broadband uses modems (free-standing or built-in to your set-top box for cable TV) that have both USB and LAN ports. For this you need a router that is often described as "dsl/cable". Examples of wireless variants from Netgear's range are WGT624, WGR614 and MR814.

I suggest you also consider Linksys, Belkin and D-Link brands.

If you want the latest standards, look for Wi-Fi, 802.11g and WPA security support.

Do not be swayed by offerings of greater than 54Mbps, these are proprietary and not worth paying extra for.

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Euan Kerr

A wireless cable-ready broadband router, or separate WAP and wired cable-ready broadband router is what you need. I have an SMC2804WBRP-G which works fine for me.

Note that the router must be cable-ready, ie it must have a standard ethernet port for the WAN connection, so you can plug it into your cable modem. An ADSL ready router won't work as it has an adsl phone socket for the wan side.

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Mark McIntyre

I DON'T think it is a waste of money. If you share files between your machines, it will make a big difference.


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Tom Scales

Thanx all for your helpful responses :-)

We have ordered the Netgear WGT624 + WG 311T wireless cards from e-Buyer this afternoon - my partner will not accept your advice that ~54mbps is a waste of money so we've paid the premium.

Anyhows I hope this goes better than our previous try at wireless networking.

Ta Kate

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Tom I meant to say he would not accept that anything greater than 54mbps - ie. the 108 mb - is a waste of money so we ordered the 108.

I'm sure the g standard is much better than b for LAN file sharing, but the issue is whether the 108 is worth the extra money.

Sorry for any confusion,


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