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My main computers are PC's. I also have a MAC. Can I put a wireless network card in my MAC and connect through my DSL that is connected to my PC's? In other words will the wireless network card in my MAC see the Netgear router that is connected to my PC's and connect to the Internet? Thanks.

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Yep, I have a PC in the bed room connected to a wireless router which is connected to my cable internet. In my garage/shop I have an iMac G5 that connects to the internet using the wireless router connection. Works just fine and was a cakewalk to get running. Also the Mac can read and write files to the PC's hard drive if the drive or folders are set as shared. I dont think the PC can read/write the Mac format. IThe Mac can also access a network printer attavhed to the wireless router. Tell you the truth ... I am about ready to totaly dump the PC platform and switch to Mac.

William Lee

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