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We have a couple of computers that have roadrunner and we have a wireless setup and receive the internet fine.........the problem is that I wanted to transfer large files from one computer to the other. I am just not sure of how to go about that..........any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. A link on how to would be good too.

Thanks, Russ & Kathy

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You would need to change the operating mode of the computer's wireless cards from 'Infrastructure' to 'Ad Hoc.' You should then be able to let them talk to each other.

Warning; Such a configuration will be highly insecure. A better way to do it is over a hardwire connection. Better yet, set yourself up a small LAN. Ethernet switches are cheap these days.

Happy netting.

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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee

Erm - no need to do that - stay as "Infrastructure" but create a "share point" on the remote computer to allow the transfer of files. This is not too difficult to do but you may need to do some minor tweaks to get the share point accessible.

Cheers from Mike

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Mike Sun

Firefox browser with the fireftp plug-in.

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Kathy wrote:

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Wireless is slower and less reliable than a wired connection. It may not be secure. File transfer can be accomplished either by resetting your wireless cards to ad-hoc mode so that the two computers can talk to each other directly, or just doing the transfer through the access point. Since you already have communication with the access point, use that route: that saves learning about ad-hoc mode ... which won't work anyway if the two machines are located such that they can't hear each other directly.

The details of file sharing over a network depend on what operating system you're using and how firewalls are set up. You didn't say, so the responses you're getting are necessarily general. It's mostly the same song whether wired or wireless. All of this has been discussed at great length before. Use your favorite search engine and look up stuff appropriate to your o/s and setup. There's lots of advice out there ... some correct, some not.

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Foldershare stores your files on a server somewhere in cyberspace. Microsoft owns it, so we are assured that there's no funny stuff going on. Hopefully. But what happens if that server suddenly disappears? Or your ISP is out to lunch for a while?

Wouldn't you rather just transfer files from one of your computers to the other without bouncing them off a phantom somewhere on the internet? The whole business of sending my data "out there" gives me the willies, Quilly. Doesn't that worry you? Is that you Bill??

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