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I set up the ad hoc wireless connection between two computers. I can ping computer B (A ping B) but there is no way I could ping comp A (B ping A).Comp A is the host. Why is that happening? Wireless connection is running great. Only I cant transfer any data between the computers. What should I do?

I tried to set up a network workgroup, I even set the shared folders but nothing.

Can anyone help? Any ideas?



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OK is the windows firewall or zonealarm active on computer A blocking ICMPs and if you have defined your 192.168.etc.etc as your trusted zone.

As for file transfer I use FTP server on one computer and using backup client to ftp files across.

Some thing else I have noticed that if you run MSN messenger on both computers of course each with different hotmail account then use the file transfer within MSN you will notice that the full network Ethernet bandwidth is utilized. I usually get 900 kilo Byte to 1 MB per second using this method transferring files over wireless.

But you will need to tick the option within MSN to allow direct contact with remote computer when talking to it.


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On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 18:59:12 +0200, Silver wrote in :

Then the connection is working.

What does "no way" mean? 'ping' utility is missing? 'ping' utility crashes? What?

There is no host in an ad hoc network -- all nodes are peers.

What happening? Have you checked your firewall and sharing settings? Have you use the Windows Wireless Wizard? Have you followed the Microsoft troubleshooting documents?

Seems like it.

'ping' worked.

See above.

Did you try "NET VIEW"?

Wikis below have links to basic networking help.

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