Can you link two motion sensor lights together wirelessly?

Anyone make motion sensor flood lights (I'm looking for two 1000W lights) that can trip each other wirelessly, if either one of them senses motion?

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The only way I can think to do that is using X10 outdoor motion/ floodlight devices.

You'd have to use them with a computer based automation controller that had if/than capability because in any situation like this if you tripped a second light with the first light ...... as soon as the second light tripped it would turn on the first light in an endless loop. The automation controller would allow you to program the "scene" so that wouldn't happen. Also, I think those motion lights are only good for 500watts.

If 1000 watts was essential, you'd have disconnect the exiting flood light fixtures and use the motion light fixtures output to trip a

110VAC relay .... with that relay hooked to the 1000 watt lamp fixture. Probably too elaborate a set up to be worth the effort.
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Why don't you buy two regular lights, and control them both with separate motion sensor(s).

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