VPN Client Two computers at once ???

I have a number of computers at my house that I want to connect to a remote system. They are both on the same LAN - when I bring up the router client on a second machine, it closes the connection on the first.

At this point it is not even a logon using two usernames is not even the issue as I never get that far.

How do I change this??? Will I need two userIDs if I go to the same system???

I see a UDP option and a TCP option - I suspect it is related to that. There is also the allow local LAN access option.

Thanks in advance for your help. While just getting this to work would be nice if you could point me to where I could understand why I would be additionally appreciative.

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Hi, presuming that the allow LAN option can be made to work do I presume correctly that assuming the machine with the VPN connection is not CPU or Network bound that this would most likely be as fast as two connections??? Note - two connections would be preferable setup wise.

Thanks again

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