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Hello, I just bought a D-Link DI-524 wireless router (P/N BI524ANA.,C1) and I'm having trouble accessing the configuration control panel. According to the manual, I should be able to open an internet browser, visit, and then type "admin" (wihtout the quotes) for the username, leave the password blank, and click "OK". However, when I try typing in "admin" and leave the password blank, I am prompted again for a username/password, as if my first attempt was invalid. I am repeatedly prompted for this.

I am currently not using the wireless feature -- I'm using a CAT-45 cable to connect my cable modem, router, and computer.

I am using Windows 2000 and have tried both Firefox and IE 6 to access the configuration. Is the router defective or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, - Dave

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You may have purchased one that was returned to the vendor, leaving the previous owners password stored in the router. Just reset the router using the reset button on the back. It should work.

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Jeff Liebermann

You can hold the router's *reset* button down for 30 seconds or more to do a hard reset of the router that should put the router back to its out of the box factory default sittings including user-id and PSW. Then you can try it again. If that doesn't work, then get on the phone with the router's Tech Support and let them help you with the basics.

Duane :)

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