How to configure linksys wireless router through browser

Hi all,
Is it possible to configure linksys wireless through browser? What's
the port to connect to?
In the wireless window, it shows my router is open for public use,
while most of the other people's computer is protected...
-- Jack
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If your Linksys router has the default settings, then clicking on this link will bring up the config page: username blank, use 'admin' (no quotes) for the password.
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jacksu thought carefully and wrote on 12/17/2005 4:05 PM:
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Netgear does that on initial setup. You connect to:
formatting link
the setup wizard. You can also go to:
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it's done. However, this only works on the LAN side as Netgear didn't bother to register these domains. They are essentially dead to Netgear router users as the internal DNS cache in the router will not resolve these domains. When I connect to them from my Linksys router, I get the usual domain squatters splash pages. When I do it from a WGR614 router, I get the configuration screen. I suspect that this was done for the benifit of those users that are afraid of numbers and IP addresses.
I use various Dynamic DNS services to find my custmers routers. I'll probably regret this, but you can get there with:
formatting link
is not an impressive feat since the IP address is static. However, the same method can be used a dynamic dns service provider to find the IP address on the internet.
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Jeff Liebermann
Henh. I own the DNS server, so I put in as the IP address for, and when your machine resolves it, it goes out to that address, which is your local router. Neat little hack, but not very impressive at the end of the day.
Linksys and others could do the same, but note that it requires functional internet access to resolve the DNS, and most of the time you are doing the preliminary setup, and their tech support lines would be inundated with "why doesn't work?"
My tech support line has been strangely silent on this subject. 8*)
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