Setting up wireless

laptop Dell 8100 circa 2002 laptop OS Win XP sp2 Router new Edimax BR-6547n connected to Vista

formatting link

using AP WPA (preshared key)TKIP Router firmware V1.28

The router appears to be working. The laptop receives the signal, but can't decode the PW. Note, all OK if unsecured. I suspect the problem is in the laptop. I have the laptop within 6 feet of the router while setting it up.

I set up the laptop for WPA and TKIP. I go back to check on the properties and it changes to WEP and OPEN network authentication. Something is forcing the setup to change. (grrrrr)

The laptop sees the network and tries to 'validate the identity'. It never decodes the PW, possibly due to it changing to WEP.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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You don't specify the maker of the wireless card or whether using the card makers' software, some rehashed offering from Dell, or windows zero config. My top guess would be some crapola Dell reworking of the maker's software which will itself have been badly translated from Chinese by Balinese pearl divers (the s/w for my Edimax certainly was).

Suggest you ensure you have the very latest official drivers and s/w from the card maker's site, or failing that from Dell's site. I've also had considerably more success discarding the card-maker's GUI and using Wireless Zero Config.

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Mark McIntyre

The wireless card is Belkin. I'll check for later drivers.


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This is a followup.

The problem appears to be the AVG 8 update. I disabled AVG and all OK. AVG is now removed and AVAST is installed in its place.

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