setting up wireless at a new home...

I recently moved. I have a Linksys wireless router and previously I had used SES to set up a WPA network. since I moved, I can't figure out how to set it up so it's secure again...and I haven't found the original CD that came with it (if there even was one). can anyone help me make my wireless secure again?

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chipperchow hath wroth:

Before that, for how long were you ossified in place?

That's nice. Any particular model number Linksys? How about a hardware version number? Extra credit for the firmware version.

Sure. Normally, you would call Linksys for help, but I'll save you that ordeal process.

The first thing to do is to NOT find the SES CDROM. If you accidentally find it, hide it again so that it doesn't get used.

Connect your computah via a wired CAT5 connection. Fire up IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, etc and point it at:

Login: admin Password: admin (or whatever you changed it to).

Go to this page:

and select "WPA Personal" and "TKIP". Type in a suitably cryptic and long pass phrase for the WPA shared key. Save.

Go to this page:

and select a more clever SSID so you can identify your network. Save.

Now, go to your computah and try to connect. You should "see" your SSID. When you try to connect, it should ask for the WPA shared key you just inscried. Try not to type it wrong or use cut-n-paste. It should then connect.

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