Setting Up Wireless Network??

Hi, Have quite a complicated set up, as follows:

Main modem/router is a invertel orange livebox connected downstairs (All working fine) with IP

Laptop connecting fine to livebox, not sure if it is connecting to the Netgear

D-Link 301P+ ethernet print server with IP

Netgear wireless print server WGPS606 (Printer is not USB) with IP connected fine with the livebox, (Has same SSID as livebox)

What I want to do is to connect the Print Server (PS) to the Netgear ..... so I can then print via laptop or any other wireless computer. The PS works fine when connected to laptop but not sure what to do next I have connected the PS via ethernet cable to the netgear..... but dont seem to be able to find the printer.

Printer is HP 5P and am running XP.

Think I am getting there but am struggling a little bit if anyone could help me with the correct settiings.

Thanks in advance for any help Olly

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