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Hi, I need a bit of help setting up a wireless connection! I have a telewest BB modem connected to my laptop through a wan connection. I have a sitecom WL-114 BB router and a wireless card. I run Win XP home. I plug the modem cable in the router (in the WAN) port and put a connection from the laptop to one of the LAN port on the router. All the light flash as they should.... I install the software for the wireless adaptor, turn off the computer, restart, put the card in, finish the installation. To set up a profile, I have been told to choose "access point" as the type of connection So I do so. I also choose to disable the DHCP and enter manually the IP and subnet mask given to me by the manual: ( and a subnet mask

Then I go the router set up, go to my network connection, click on the network adaptor and make sure that the IP address is obtained automatically (according to the quick setting guide). Then I enter the IP in Internet explorer... I should be getting a configuration window... but nothing happens! The icon for the network card is blue which tells me it is connected, the network icon tells me I am connected and all is perfect. I have tried to find a simple step by step but cannot find it..... Am I doing it in the right order (set up card first then router) ......The quick install guide says not to tick the "obtain IP automatically" but the full guide gives me the IP(, subnet ( gateway ( to enter....have tried all the permutation I can think off, get excellent signal but no access to internet at all! Any help welcome. Regards



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Yes, you would choose the AP or Infrastructure Mode indicating that the wireless card is using a WAP/router or standalone Wireless AP for wireless access mode as opposed to ad-hoc mode which is wireless card to wireless card access mode.

That doesn't sound right.

You should be letting the router obtain an IP from the ISP automatically.

You should not be disabling the DHCP server on the router, which is used to issue LAN IP(s) to computers connected to LAN ports or by wireless where the computer is requesting an IP from the router automatically.

It doesn't sound right and I suspect that the Device IP of the router maybe and not The entered into the browser will allow you to access the router's admin setup screens.

Most set-up the router first by using a wire machine on a LAN port to setup the wireless and then he or she sets-up the wireless card in the computer to access the router and use it.

It doesn't sound right and I just read part of the user manual for WL-114 and the Device IP for the router is and not some, which you would enter into the browser to access the router admin setup with a (wire router first and set it up for wireless access).

I suggest you read the router's user manual in its entirety first or call its Tech Support and find out what needs to happen, because you're no where in the ball bark. ;-)

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