Setting up NETGEAR wireless router to new DSL service

It will be just like your cable except it will probably use PPPoE. Usually you will need to enter your user id and password in the router under the PPPoE settings.

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I am getting ready to set up a dsl instead of cable modem. I have a laptop and a wirless router, but am unsure how to configure and no help from my dsl provider (go figure) or Netgear (without$$$). Can anyone PLEASE help me or send me a link, etc.? Thanks JLT

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Does your laptop have wired ethernet as well as wireless?

If so:

Connect router to DSL line and power.

Connect laptop to router with the cable in the boz. Reboot the laptop (or connect before you start it)

Start a web browser. Type in the address bar.

Log in as 'admin' with password 'password'

Follow the prompts. It should auto-setup the DSL for you.

That should get you online, but make sure you:

  1. Change the password for the roter (and remember it)

  1. Set some security on the wireless- use WEP/WPA and turn off the SSID broadcast.

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Chris Bartram

Which model? The DG834G, which is modem/router/firewall/B&G wireless AP all in one small inexpensive box, has web server and configuration wizard.

1) Connect your computer to the DG834G (either by ethernet cable or by wireless using SSID (network name) of NETGEAR and no security, have the computer IP set to DHCP, use browser to open using login name of "user" and password of "password" (but no quote marks). 2) Plug in phone line with DSL (with NO filter in that line). The configuration wizard will ask you for the DSL login name and password which will have been given to you by your ISP and it then configures the modem and PPPoE parameters automagically.

It really could not be much easier unless you paid a technician to do the install for you.


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