Turning NetGear from router to access point only?

Forgive me, but I bet this has been posted before, and I was not able to find the answer easily.

I've just signed up with Vonage, and I think I have to use their product to route. So that means my wireless router is just going to become an Access Point (correct?).

I am using a netgear MR814v2 for connecting one wireless and one wired PC to my Motorola bitsurfer cable modem. That configuration may change, as I am going to switch to DSL for cost savings, and the DSL provider will give me a different piece of data communication equipment, eventually.

But, the question I am asking, what do I need to do with my netgear so that it's not looking up routing tables or getting DHCP requests or whatever it does on its own?

I went into the router config and tried to see a setting where I could turn off the routing feature and make it an AP only, but couldn't find it.

So, I think there's only a few hundred thousand people just like me, and bet this has been posed a number of times before.

Thanks in advance, and feel free to chime in with your Vonage points too, as I may end up chucking the whole thing if it's crud.

-mr curious aka newsgroup reader

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I think all you do is turn off DHCP and assign it an IP.

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I don't know the details about your equipment, YMMV etc, but routing and DHCP are two unrelated functions.

A router doesn't have to run a DHCP service to be a router.

An access point CAN run DHCP and NOT be a router.

Most SOHO routers will usually run a DHCP server but its not related to the actual routing process so turning off DHCP and assigning static adresses will not stop the routing process.

If you only connect a "local" port on it and don't use the WAN port that might not be a problem though.


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