Problem setting up Linksys WAP11 Access Point

Hello Friends Currently I'm having six Wi-Fi units at home (Laptops, computer, Pocket PC and Nintendo Wii) and they are currently connected through Ad-Hoc connection without using any access point. Nintendo Wii is not getting connected through Ad-Hoc connection (though it detects but doesn't connect). My internet is coming through a router which has another lan cable and I hook that lan cable to one of the laptop and from there I share the internet on all the machines. I bought WAP11 a long back so I just thought of using that in order to get my Nintendo also on the network and remove the dependencies of keeping one laptop hooked to the cable. First of All, I don't know what IP etc to be given to my Access point so I just used a wild guess and gave the IP details which were given on my laptop's LAN setting (internet through router) but my WAP11 setting has only IP, Subnet Mask and Gateway IP and *no* Primary & Secondary DNS entries. Anyway, I just assigned the IP, SNM & Gateway IP and then detached the access point and tried to connect my wireless devices to that. They recognized the presence of Linksys and connected also but I'm not able to surf the net. The laptop which had internet coming through router had IP, SNM, Gateway IP, Pri. DNS and Sec. DNS but when I connected Access Point, that only has IP, SNM and Gateway IP. Can somebody help me to fix it up? Thanks in advance....

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