Secure wirless router without being connected to PC, how?

There is one way, Get a Wireless router with an internal firewall, use WPA for access from the wireless side and use packet filtering for access from the wireless side also.
This ain't great, but it 's a start. You can get wireless routers with decent firewall protection but your going to pay a 'little' more than the normal $50-100 for them. You need a business class router or enterprise router for a real good solution.
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Don't ask why, it is a long story. I have my dsl modem and dlink router in
one room with no computer. The internet works fine. My laptop connects fine
wireless. Now my desktop is in another room and it connects with a linksys
wirless usb adapter no problem.
All these connections are unsecured. Is there a way to secure the wirless
connection without having a computer connected to the modem and router
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Go Tyler
WEP is better than nothing. If your router supports WPA, go for it as it's much more difficult to crack. A decent hacker could penetrate your WEP network in a few minutes. If you're really concerned about security, use MAC address filtering as well as WPA, turn off DHCP and assign IP addresses manually to each of your computers. Also be sure to change the password on your router and use a SSID other than the default.
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Alan White
MAC filtering just requires a momentary sniff to defeat, turning off DHCP is pointless because if the hacker has cracked WPA (unlikely) then sniffing a packet to pick up the IP address range in use isn't going to present a difficulty. Kismet already does this for you anyway.
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